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Istanbul born, Cambridge based Charles Pam is an artist and record producer. He plays all the instruments, does all the production and engineering in his tracks beside composing them. He has a strong music background and has completed his education in different fields in music. Charles has started playing guitar and writing his own songs since he was just a child, then studied music production/ sound engineering, composition in jazz & classical music and worked on his vocal training with private vocal coaches. 


He writes catchy and fresh melodies, embellishes them with warm vocal harmonies over a rich instrumental backing track. He rarely uses instruments while he is writing a song or composing a piece. Charles believes that the human mind and body is the best tool to give a start of a creation as everything first starts in there. He also thinks that the life itself is the best inspiration for the lyrics or the ideas, so he watches the life like an actor or a director does. All the practice and the knowledge only helps him to gain new point of views and save lots of time when it comes to processing that first spark. 


After spending many years for his music education and producing artists, he started a record label ‘Messy Records UK’ and is currently working on his EP.


Charles has started a solo career with his first single, ‘Give ‘em Back’. His second single, 'Rolling Again' will be released on July 23, 2021, under the partnership of Motiva Media Art and Messy Records UK. 


Charles Pam is currently based in Cambridge UK and producing his songs in Zoo Audio Studios. He is planning to start working on an album after the first EP out.