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Putney, London UK

Istanbul born, London based Charles Pam is an R&B/soul artist and record producer. 

Pam’s songs “Rolling Again”, “Give ‘em Back”, “Moving On” have been featured in BBC radios, Amazing Radio US and UK, Spitfire Radio US and also in well known music blogs such as RCM, A&R Factory, WRAM, UMB.  


Istanbul born Charles’ journey in music has started with his father's guitar in his hand, when he was six years old. He spent his high school years as the lead vocalist/guitar player of his band Hauptbahnhof, started discovering genres of soul & jazz, r&b and funk music.  

Pam has worked with legendary names from Turkey and all over the world such as Sezen Aksu, Allesandro Safina, Sertab Erener and many others on the stage. He also was a partner in a company called Jingleberry which was focused on music for media. He composed and produced pieces for TV, radio commercials and social media contents. 'The Elevator' which is a short internet series and 'Barber's Cut' which is a contemporary stop motion art work are only two of his past works, did receive awards from many notable festivals after a countless nomination. 


Charles did his bachelor in classical and jazz music composition, and music production/sound engineering. He also performed  as a solo artist, touring in Europe and working as a music producer during his education. 

Pam's currently working on his debut album and UK tour. 


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