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Charles Pam


 is a London based multi-instrumentalist music producer, composer and a singer. He is experienced in both the creative and the technical side of music. He did his bachelor's in music composition (classical & jazz) and in music production. 



Charles started playing the guitar when he was 7 years old and since that moment music has been his biggest passion in his life. In his early ages he was studying classical guitar with Melih Guzel and in 2006 he had the 6th grade of London College Of Music Classical Guitar Certificate. In 2005, when he was 14 years old, he was performing in an event which was organised by the Creative Children Association in British Consulate of Istanbul and he received a certificate of appreciation. During his high school education, he was the lead singer of his school band that performed in the main events of the school. Charles has also started writing his own songs when he was 14.


Before he was studying music as a bachelor, he was a business administration student with a full scholarship in Bilgi University. In first years of his business education, he began to sing in a choir Ladies & Gentlemen that was established by volunteered amateur and professional musicians, and has focused on Broadway Musicals and popular music. Charles was performing and recording with very well known artists as Sezen Aksu who is a living music legend in Turkey, Sertab Erener, Ferhat Göçer, Allessandro Safina, etc. with Ladies & Gentlemen. He was also taking private music courses. He was accepted from Bahcesehir Jazz Vocal Certification Program with scholarship. He has studied jazz music theory with Baki Duyarlar, Güç Başar Gülle, Şevket Akıncı and voice training with Basak Yavuz, Sibel Köse. 


Charles has started studying bachelor of music in 2014 and in June 2018, he graduated with a degree with honour as a top 3rd student of his class. One of his lecturers was Mike Nielsen who was a well known music producer and sound engineer in the UK and in Turkey. Charles has studied modern recording techniques and sound engineering with Mike Nielsen. He recorded well known musicians Alp Ersonmez, Volkan Oktem who are the main bass and drum player of Tarkan who is a legend pop star in Turkey. He also recorded new young talented artists Merve Deniz and Can Oflaz. One of the songs Charles recorded has been viewed over 33 million on Youtube. Also the others have been viewed over 1 million and 100.000s.

One of the musics he composed and the sound design he produced for a visual content ''Barber's Cut'' by Pomus Creative was invited by various global movie festivals, shown in those festivals and it became the winner in Black Movie Film festival 2018. 


He has studied traditional & contemporary classical music composition with Tolga Tuzun, Turgut Pogun, Yigit Ozatalay and Tolga Zafer Ozdemir.



In the last year of his university, He made a decision about his focus point in music which is writing, producing and releasing his own songs to perform them. Also writing songs for the other artists and producing them is his passion. 


In July 2018, Charles Pam came in third in the loop music competition of Zen Audio and was awarded with the official software of Zen Audio. 



Other qualifications: 


⁃ Beatbox performer in Patron Cildirdi which is very popular acapella group in Turkey.

⁃ Small part played in a global awards winning  (Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike 2019 winner, Miami Web Series Festival winner,..) web Series called The Elevator written and directed by Bora Omeroglu 

⁃ Arranged an acapella version of a song for one episode of The Elevator.

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